The Third Certificate Graduation Ceremony – Erdenet, June 2012

Erdenet graduates

On June 3, 2012, the third graduation of students from the Certificate in Christian Ministry program took place in the city of Erdenet in Orkhon province. The group first started on this programme of study seven years ago in 2005, and during this graduation ceremony they received a

Battogtokh pastor

Certificate accredited by the Asia Theological Association. The graduation took place in the Sunday morning worship service of the Jesus Assembly, and pastor Battogtokh preach a word of encouragement to the graduates and the whole church.

The Mongolia TEE Director B. Naranbaatar introduced the work of Mongolia TEE to the Sunday morning congregation, and underlined the long road that the graduates had travelled to complete their course.

Mongolia TEE consultant A. Graham began the presentation of Certificates with a charge to the seven graduates, D. Nansalmaa, J. Nasanzaya, M. Hishigt, B. Oyunchimeg, Sh. Otgon, M. Doljinjav and Ch. Mendbayar. The group facilitator, D. Nansalmaa, was presented with a special gift of Bible reference books in recognition of her long service to the group.

Following the service, the graduates, Mongolia TEE staff and the Jesus’ Assembly pastor and his wife shared a celebration meal.