Mongolia TEE Evening Class second year student encourages those just starting

N. Dolgor, a student in one of Mongolia TEE’s evening groups, gives a word of encouragement to students just starting.

‘My name is N. Dolgor, and I serve as a leader at ‘Jesus the Saviour’s Love’ Church. By profession I am a Physics teacher, but at the moment I am working as a Maths teacher in the COC centre. I have responsibility for the adults in the church.

I want to say to the students who have recently been accepted into Mongolia TEE’s evening groups: ‘You have come to the right place, and you are truly blessed. I wish you blessing and successful study in Jesus’ name!’

Several years ago, when my pastor said that I should study, I excused myself, saying: ‘I’m elderly – I don’t know when I’ll finish at Theological School, or when I’ll ever be used by God in that way.’ But a young lad in the church, a student, encouraged me by saying, ‘Even if after four years study, our mighty God only chooses to use you in leadership for one month, wouldn’t it still be right to study?’

So then, a student who first matriculated in 1965, became a student again with Mongolia TEE – 45 years later at the age of 64! Hallelujah!

Isn’t it wonderful that God does not discriminate among us on the basis of age and youth, education or lack of it, or profession or lack of it! Isn’t it wonderful that God doesn’t look at our externals, but at our heart attitude!

I used to like to give the excuse to my pastor that I was elderly – but then he would encourage me by saying, ‘But remember, Dolgor, how old Abraham was when He called him!’

Since starting to study with the MSTEE, I’ve had the opportunity to learn many things, to grow and change in spirit, and be cleansed from sin. As a result of reading and study of the Synoptic gospels, the life of Christ has become much more clear and understandable. For example, as we discussed just where Jesus went, how he crossed the Jordan, where he stayed, who he met with, and what he spoke about, and drawn a picture showing from which town how many kilometres he went, it’s become as clear and understandable as though we had been travelling with Jesus ourselves.

Before, I did not know about the order and structure of the Bible, but since beginning my studies with the MSTEE, I have a better picture of the content and organization of the Bible.

Mongolia TEE’s teaching method proceeds through fellowship in a small group. Studying is simple, we receive blessing from each other, and it causes the flow of life to well up. Each one grows in maturity and faith, becomes more open, and finds opportunities for healing. You can see how important this fellowship is: if you don’t share your insights and blessings with others, you stagnate, overcome with putrid green algae, dead like the Dead Sea. But if you share the good things you have with others then you become like crystal clear, clean water.

Even though I am now only a second-year student (from four years): I’ve studied the life of Christ in detail; I’ve learnt the techniques of analysis and comparison in Bible study; studied how to preach; how to listen to others; how to tell others about Jesus; how to plant a new congregation – and so much more!

Each lesson has associated practical work. It’s very interesting, and brings a way of evaluating yourself, growing, and correcting things that are not right.

So to conclude, it’s clear that although it has only been a year of study, we have learnt so much. I am confident that you new students will study not just through to the completion of the Certificate program, but then on to the Diploma level as well. May I wish you all every success.’