In saving me, God has used my wife.

Dashbal.G with his wife, Oyunkhuu

In September 2011, my wife Oyunkhuu received Jesus as her Savior and started to go to ‘Eternal Way’ church in Zereg soum in Uvs province. This was the beginning of our big journey to discover the kingdom of God. Soon she started doing the Abundant Life course, but I was not a believer yet. Because she had had a stroke in 2010, she was not able to write or read and could only hear. So she asked me to help her do her homework for the course. I had seen her crying because she was unable to do the first assignment, which made me realize how passionate she was about doing that course. So I decided to read the book to her and help her do the homework. When she came back from the second group meeting of the course, I saw how joyful she was, and I agreed to continue helping her, even though I still had my hesitations. We went on like this and when we had finished 6 lessons of the Abundant Life course together, I accepted Jesus. I knew that He can change people’s lives and help couples understand how to live a genuine family life. On 15 December 2011, I started going to ‘Eternal Way’ church, together with my wife.

In saving me, God has used my wife and my help for her in studying the Abundant Life course. Then all my children also accepted Jesus. Between 1 and 15 January 2012, I did a Small Group Leaders’ training and started a cell group with 3 people in my house. God was so gracious to us and within 6 months, our group had increased to 9 people. In 2012 and 2013, I continued to lead the cell group. In 2014 I was trained as a TEE group facilitator and received my TEE Facilitator certificate. Then I started teaching Abundant Life, Abundant Light, Life of Christ 1,2,3,4 and I led a group in a Celebrate Recovery program. In March 2015, I became an elder of ‘Eternal Way’ church and have been leading the church since then. God is continuing to use my family in Zereg soum to increase His kingdom there. We are forever grateful to Him for all He has done.