The Risen Life

The Life of Christ, Book 6

  • Covers Matthew 28 and the Acts of the Apostles.
  • Deals with the Resurrection and its proofs, the Ascension and Exaltation of the Lord, the Great Commission and how this was put into practice by the early church.
  • Considers the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, baptism and the ministry of the church.
  • Studies the early church in the book of Acts and the expansion during the three missionary journeys of Paul until the Gospel reaches Rome.
  • Gives suggestions for the application of the same rules to the church of the 21st Century.


Review Charts
1A The Appearances of the Risen Christ—Matthew 28:1–10
1B Proofs of the Resurrection (1)—Matthew 28:11–15
1C Proofs of the Resurrection (2)
MSTEE Practical Work: Planning a discipleship program

2A The Great Commission of the Risen Christ—Matthew 28:16–20
2B The Resurrection, Ascension, and Exaltation—Acts 1:9–11
2C The Events of the 52 Days—Acts 1:1–7, 12–26; 2:30–33
MSTEE Practical Work: Going/Loving mission—1

3A The Book of Acts—Acts 1:8
3B Pentecost and the Person of the Holy Spirit—Acts 2:1–18; 32–33
MSTEE Practical Work: Going/Loving mission—2

4A The Work of the Holy Spirit
4B The Fullness of the Holy Spirit
MSTEE Practical Work: Going/Loving mission—3

5A Baptism and the Church in Jerusalem—Acts 2:41–47
5B The Preaching of the Apostles—Acts 2:14–40;3:12–26;4:8–12,19–20;5:29–32; 10:34–43
5C Miracles and Healings—Acts 3:1–10; 5:12–16
MSTEE Practical Work: The church as a centre for the Word and healing—1

6A Persecution and Suffering—Acts 4:1–3; 5:17–41; 6:8–15; 7:59–60; 8:1–4; 12:1–10
6B Discipline in the Church—Acts 5:1–11
6C The Church as the Body of Christ—Acts 6:1–7
MSTEE Practical Work: The church as a centre for the Word and healing—2

7A Stephen’s Defence (1): Old Testament History—Acts 7:1–60
7B Stephen’s Defence (2): Old Testament History—Acts 7:1–60
MSTEE Practical Work: The church as a centre for the Word and healing—3

8A Philip: The Mission to Judea and Samaria—Acts 8:1–25
8B Philip and The Ethiopian Official: Personal Evangelism—Acts 8:26–40
8C Ananias and Saul: Counselling New Believers—Acts 9:1–31
MSTEE Practical Work: Personal evangelism

9A Peter and Cornelius: Caesarea—Acts 9:32 to 11:18
9B Barnabas: Son of Encouragement—Acts 11:19–30
9C Paul at Antioch—Acts 13:1–4
MSTEE Practical Work: Encouraging others—1

10A Analysis: Looking for Structures—Acts 1 to 28
10B Analysis: Gathering the Facts—Acts 1 to 28
10C Analysis: Writing Titles—Acts 1 to 28
MSTEE Practical Work: Encouraging others—2