Year of Passion

The Life of Christ, Book 4

  • Analyses the third year of the ministry of Jesus (Year of Passion).
  • Deals with the doctrine of man, sin, death, correct and false concepts about the human body (transfiguration) and the spirit (spiritism), including practical matters such as: human relations, sex, marriage, family, possessions and ambition.
  • Shows the basic principals of pastoral psychology; emphasises five common psychological adjustments and the Biblical teaching about each of them.
  • Deals with the authority in matters of faith (tradition, human reason and revelation).
  • Highlights the ministry in Judea and the three religious festivals (John) and the ministry in Perea (Luke).
  • Looks at the history of the division of the kingdom (Judah and Israel), the time of Nehemiah and the formation of the Samaritan people, the Assyrian and Babylonian empires, the period between the testaments and the Roman Emperors Augustus and Tiberius; introduces the student to the writing of Josephus.


Review Charts
1A Analysis of the Year of Passion—The 2 periods of Six Months
1B Analysis of the Six Months of Withdrawing—3 journeys out of Galilee
1C The Herods—The Death of John the Baptist—Matthew 14:1–12
MSTEE Practical Work: Personal life study—life story overview

2A Foreshadowing the Holy Communion—Matthew 14:13–21; 15:29–39
2B Man, Fear and Psychological Adjustments—Matthew 14:22–33
2C Tradition, Human Reason, or Scripture—Matthew 14:34 to 15:20
MSTEE Practical Work: Personal life study—family tree

3A Man: in the Image of God—Matthew 15:1–20
3B Man: his Sinful Nature—Matthew 15:10–20; 16:1–4
MSTEE Practical Work: Personal life study—Years 0–12

4A Angels and Demons—Matthew 15:21–28; 17:14–21
4B Christ and His Church—Matthew 16:13–23
MSTEE Practical Work: Personal life study—Years 13–21

5A Man and the Problem of Death—Matthew 16:21–28
5B Man and his Body—The transfiguration—Matthew 17:1–13
5C Man and Spiritism
MSTEE Practical Work: Ministering to the dying

6A Man’s Harmful Relationships—Matthew 17:22 to 18:9
6B Man’s Helpful Relationships—Matthew 18:10–35
MSTEE Practical Work: Restoring broken relationships

7A Three Journeys into Judea (John)
7B Three Journeys from Perea (Luke)
7C The Samaritans
MSTEE Practical Work: Ministry to a rejected group

8A Man and Sex—Jesus’ Teaching on Marriage (1)—Matthew 19:1–12
8B Man and Marriage—Jesus’ Teaching on Marriage (2)—Matthew 19:1–12
8C Man and the Family—Jesus Blesses the Children—Matthew 19:13–15
MSTEE Practical Work: Family worship and discipline

9A Man’s Material Possessions—Rich Young Man—Matthew 19:16–30
9B God’s Fairness and Generosity—Workers in the Vineyard—Matthew 20:1–16
MSTEE Practical Work: Settling disputes in the church

10A Man’s Ambitions : Spiritual and Worldly—Matthew 20:17–19, James and John’s Request—Matthew 20:20–28
10B Approaching the End : Jericho—Two Blind Men Healed—Matthew 20:29–34
MSTEE Practical Work: Personal life study—Years 22—present, conclusion