Work for All

Sets out the Biblical and ethical principles for work. It shows how work is a blessing from God and teaches how to do it to honour the Creator and serve others. The course begins with the example of God as a worker, and the creation purpose of God that humankind should work together with Him. The effects of the fall on work, and God’s redemptive purposes are discussed. There are sections relating to work relationships, issues in the workplace, goals, motivation and commitment, finishing the task, use and misuse of authority, rest and retirement, and unemployment. All sections are illustrated with biblical examples and studies.


Preliminary instructions
Introductory group session: What is work?
1A—God, the worker
1B—God always working
1C—Our attitude to the work of God
2A—Co-workers with God
2B—Correct work relations
2C—Work privileges and responsibilities
3A—The effect of the fall on our work
3B—The effect of redemption on our work
3C—If the salt loses its taste
4B—Personal goals
4C—The challenge of God’s goals
5A—Motivation and Commitment
5B—A job finished
5C—Perseverance under fire
6A—When in authority
6B—When under authority
6C—Causes of and remedies for conflict at work
7A—Women at work and in the family
7B—Rest, spare time and retirement
7C—Strikes and unemployment defeated