“Feed My Lambs”

This course provides guidance and tools for students in communicating the Biblical message to children in a relevant, practical and interesting way. A four-stage model for teaching children is presented:

i) introduction—a bridge from the children’s world to the Bible world
ii) presentation of the Bible story
iii) explaining and reviewing the Bible story
iv) application—a bridge form the Bible world to the children’s world

Students are encouraged to deepen their relationship with the Lord, and given help in understanding the general characteristics of children of different ages, so that they can disciple the children in their charge. The activities and projects in the course also give ideas about how to contact and involve the children’s families.
The course provides practical instruction on how to make simple teaching aids from readily available materials. It is thus particularly suited to many Mongolian churches that have no access to specialised Sunday School resources.

CONTENTS OF BOOK 1A, the student self-study book:
1A—The Christian teacher’s greatest aim
1B—Why do children need Bible teaching?
2A—How children become Christ’s disciples (1st Part)
2B—How children become Christ’s disciples (2nd Part)
3A—Understanding children (1st Part)
3B—Understanding children (2nd Part)
4A—The four steps of a Bible lesson
4B—How to prepare a Bible lesson
5A—Teaching aids (1st Part)
5B—Teaching aids (2nd Part)
6A—Step 1—Introduction (1st Part)
6B—Step 1—Introduction (2nd Part)—Practical work
7A—Step 2—Bible story (1st Part)
7B—Step 2—Bible story (2nd Part)—Practical work
8A—Step 3—Bible story review (1st Part)
8B—Step 3—Bible story review (2nd Part)—Practical work
9A—Step 4—Application (1st Part)
9B—Step 4—Application (2nd Part)—Practical work
10A—How to manage the group
10B—How to have good relationships
11A—How to plan and run a children’s camp
11B—Possible further projects
12A—Revision for the Final Exam
12B—Commitment to this ministry