How to Prepare and Lead Services

A theoretical and practical course which, in four weeks, shows how to prepare and lead lively, ordered and Biblical congregational worship. The objective of this course is that students should be able to prepare and lead services which glorify God and build up the congregation. An additional service handbook provides materials and instruction relating to special services, including baptism, marriage, communion and burial services.

Course Contents:

Introductory Lesson
Lesson 1—How to prepare a service A
Lesson 2—How to prepare a service B
Lesson 3—How to lead a service
Lesson 4—The purpose of the Service 1 – To glorify God
Lesson 5—The purpose of the Service 2 – To build up the congregation
Lesson 6—Special Services


Evaluation sheet—Service leader
Evaluation sheet—Order of service
Tests on lessons 1-6
MSTEE Additional practical requirement: each student should prepare and lead four services that are evaluated by the tutor, and the student him/herself.