The Spirit World

This is a course about the freedom of the Lord Jesus for people hurt, bound, oppressed by Satan and sin. This course has been designed to help the people of God in the daily battle against Satan, in counselling those who have had contact with the occult and other harmful practices of the spirit world, and  to minister liberation through the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Spirit World originated in the Philippines in the ministry of “Bethany Fellowship” and was originally written in the context of the animist culture of the Ilokano people. It was then passed to SEAN to be adapted and rewritten for general use.


1A—In the beginning
2A—Satan, the adversary
2B—Good News
3A—Dangerous spiritual areas: Death, adversity and curses.
3B—Dangerous spiritual areas: The future, sickness, satanic pacts
4A—Satan’s methods of attack (1) From without: temptation
4B—Satan’s methods of attack (2) From within: possession
5A—Spiritual discernment
5B—Who can we trust?


1. Strengths of the enemy
2. A model liberation session

Proofs and Answers