Christian Family Life 1

A course specially written for the Mongolian context emphasizing the importance of Christian character and maturity in building a Christian family life.


1A The Function of the family
1B Identity in Christ
Practical work: My family of origin; four emotional needs

2A Setting spiritual priorities
2B Heart attitudes that bring blessing in relationships
Practical work: My prioirities; overcoming pride and laziness

3A Overcoming fear lesses our relationships
3B Overcoming anger blesses our relationships
Practical work: Confronting fear and anger

4A Taming our tongue
4B Valuing the elderly
Practical work: taming the tongue; valuing our elderly

5A Valuing singles
5B Dating wisely
Practical work: how to value singles; three traps of romantic love/ nine destructive traits

6A Romantic love versus mature love
6B Biblical principles of marriage (Part 1)
Practical work: Five love languages

7A Biblical principles of marriage (Part 2)
7B Choosing a spouse wisely
Practical work: Seven commonly-asked questions relating to marriage/ Am I actively growing as a Christian?

8A The secrets of genuine love
8B Emotional needs of husbands and wives
Practical work: How genuine is my love? / Emotional needs of husbands and wives

9A Preventing an affair
9B A healthy sex life
Practical work: The teaching of Proverbs on adultery/ escaping from lust

10A The husband’s loving servant-leadership
10B Recovery for an unhealthy marriage
Practical work: Servant leader husband/ submissive wife; the road to recovery