Paul’s Life and Letters

This course leads the student through the whole life of Paul in detail following the outline provided by the Acts of the Apostles.

Paul’s letter to the Galatians is studied in detail and then the main doctrines contained in his other letters are covered in a thematic way.

Paul’s Life and Letters was written taking the Greek text as its basis and, in a simple way, explains the importance of the different key words used by the apostle in his writings.

The course was developed by SEAN is made up of three books. Translation and adaptation of the material into Mongolian was completed in 2003. For more details click on the images below:

Book 1:
Early Life and First Missionary Journey
Book 2:
Second Missionary Journey
Book 3:
Third Missionary Journey, Imprisonment and Death
15 weeks/2 credits 10 weeks/2 credits 10 weeks/2 credits