Life of Christ

The English edition of The Life of Christ series has the subtitle The Compendium of Pastoral Theology. This subtitle succinctly expresses the main objective of the course as being an integral training course for Christian workers and leaders.

The Life of Christ series is based on the life of Jesus Christ according to the Gospel of Matthew and The Acts of the Apostles.

The course was originally written by SEAN and the Mongolian translation was completed in 2002. There are six books in the course. Clink on the images below to see more details:

Book 1:
Introduction and Infancy
Book 2:
Year of Preparation
Book 3:
Year of Popularity
13 weeks/3 credits 13 weeks/3 credits 13 weeks/3 credits
Book 4:
Year of Passion
Book 5:
Year of Passion (final week)
Book 6:
The Risen Life
13 weeks/3 credits 13 weeks/3 credits 13 weeks/3 credits

Through each book the student will:

  1. Acquire deep knowledge about the life of Jesus, thus getting to know his Saviour more intimately.
  2. Analyse in detail the Gospel of Matthew and be able to relate it to parallel or contrasting material in the other gospels.
  3. Analyse for himself the Acts of the Apostles, looking at the example of the lives of Peter and Paul.
  4. Learn all the main points of Christian Doctrine from a basis of the Biblical text, and so be able to defend them with authority.
  5. Be able to identify the main characters of the Old Testament and understand their relation to Jesus.
  6. Be able to identify all the important places in the New Testament on a map of the ancient world.