Abundant Light

A basic course of 10 lessons giving the ‘big picture’ of the Bible. Mongolian believers may have heard teaching from various parts of the Bible, but have very little idea of how the different sections of Scripture relate to each other, or how to study the Bible for themselves.

This course follows on from Abundant Life
The course gives reasons for trusting the Bible as a reliable account, a simple analysis of the structure of the Bible, and a general overview of the whole Biblical story from Genesis to Revelation. In the course of the overview, a variety of methods of Bible Study are introduced.


1A What the Bible is like
1B How to use the Bible
2A How the Bible was written
2B The truth of the Bible
3A The arrangement and history of the Bible
3B The books of the law (1)—Genesis
4A The books of the law (2)—The people of Israel
4B The books of the law (3)—Exodus to Deuteronomy
5A The books of history (1)
5B The books of history (2)
6A The books of history (3)
6B The books of poetry
7A The message of the prophets (1)—Punishment
7B The message of the prophets (2)—Salvation
8A The background of the New Testament
8B The four Gospels
9A The Acts of the Apostles
9B The letters to churches and individuals
10A The letter to the Philippians
10B The book of Revelation
The Bible Library