Abundant Life

A basic course of 18 lessons on the foundations of the Christian life and how to live the “Abundant Life” offered by the Lord.

This is a course for discipling new believers or reinforcing basic teaching with more mature believers. The course has been used by tens of thousands of students from different denominations in many countries around the world. Abundant Life has been translated into more than 70 languages.


The first steps for believers:

1. New birth
2. Repentance
3. Faith and forgiveness
4. Obedience
5. The family of God
6. Full of the Holy Spirit

Activities for the believer as an individual:

7. How to read the Bible
8. How to pray
9. How to overcome Satan
10. How to overcome the old nature
11. How to overcome the world
12. How to pass on the message to others

Activities for the believer in the church:

13. Baptism
14. Holy Communion
15. Member of the local church
16. The body of Christ
17. Servant of God
18. Guided by God