Vision Statement

‘Mongolia TEE seeks to develop theological training at all levels that is contextually relevant and accredited among the scattered Mongolian people, and to deliver this training through TEE groups so that local churches are strengthened. society is transformed, and God is glorified.’

The Vision Statement contains the following emphases:

‘at all levels’
At present the Certificate in Christian Minstry is complete, but we only have four courses at Diploma/Degree level. We want to open the possibility of study by extension to at least degree level.

‘that is contextually relevant’
We have started by translating courses from SEAN that are tried and tested in an international context. But we want to make them more effective in the specific context of Mongolia by revising them so as to include more on the particular issues that are important here.

‘and accredited’

We want to make sure that the School and the courses are of such a quality and character that they can be recognized and affirmed in the wider Asian (and world) context. To this end we have secured accreditation of the Certificate in Christian Ministry with the Asian Theological Association, and will want to design future levels so that they also may be accredited.

‘among the scattered Mongolian peoples’
Wherever they are, Mongolian Christians need access to a systematic, Bible-based programme of study. Mongolian Christians have a vision for reaching the lands where Mongolians or those of Mongolian descent are to be found. Mongolia TEE wants to work to provide materials to help those Mongolians to grow in their faith.

‘so that local churches are strengthened, society is transformed’
Here again is the dual emphasis found in our Mission statement on both church and society that is important to us.

‘and God is glorified’
This is the ultimate goal of all our life and every Christian work. When those from every tribe, tongue, nation and language gather round the throne, it will be to give all the glory to God, to recognize that he planned, he empowered and he brought to fulfilment all that has been life-giving.